Cool lips

We are a brand new website that sell cushions! Our focus is original and up to date trending. We will also be focusing on funny and trending styles as well.
There will be an option where you can customize your own design and send it to us. Even if you don’t know how to make a design, just send in your idea and we can make it for you.
We are different than your average pillow and cushion company! We make your home and personal space an unique environment. It will get your family and friend all laughing together!

Our website make it easy to find and locate the top selling product, seasonal items and limited editions!
Don’t waste anytime, start exploring our vase collection of products NOW!


We provide the following services in our website development plan:

  • Tailor-make design that fit your business
  • Optimizated Html5 code
  • Mobile Responsive website
  • 1 year FREE maintenance